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4.0 Combat Confusion: Revealing Strike

Posted on 10 June, 2015

I’ve just managed to get my rogue toon copied over to the PTR and after the initial confusion and woe of it all I’ve decided to tell you guys about what I’ve found out so far.

A quick look over at EJ forums tells us that while there is plenty of discussion about it many people including Aldriana are holding off on any serious theorycrafting for now so it’s up to us to fumble around for a bit and see what’s going on.

The main debate for us combat rogues seems to be our new ability [Revealing Strike]. At first glance it looks weak compared to sinister strike but it definitely gives us some powerful finishers so it may very well become an integral part of our rotation.

Because the ability damage itself is sub-standard it’s first obvious that we should not be replacing Sinister Strike with Revealing Strike in our rotation in full. However, to gain advantage of the finisher buff we do need to use it at some point but when?

Facts about Revealing Strike:

  • Revealing strike does not affect Slice and Dice at all
  • Revealing strike does not increase the duration of Rupture
  • However, it does increase rupture damage
  • It also increases Eviscerate damage
  • When used it applies 1 combo point
  • When used it applies a 15 second buff which is your “window” for using a finisher
  • When you use a finisher move, even if it’s not affected by the buff, the buff is consumed.

So this reveals to us that revealing strike shouldn’t be used when you intend to apply a slice and dice but could be used when you intend to apply an eviscerate or rupture. Because our rotations change depending on the combo points we have and the time left on our debuffs/buffs it makes sense to leave RvS until the final combo point to avoid using it when you are going to use an SnD instead. Please note it has also been found that using RvS at 5CP is a DPS loss. If you get an extra CP from SS and end up with 5 CP do not use RvS.

This means our new rotation might be something like this:

  • 3 x SS
  • SnD
  • 4 x SS
  • 1 x RvS
  • Eviscerate
  • 5 x SS
  • SnD
  • repeat from 4 x SS

Or in the case of rupture:

  • 3 x SS
  • SnD
  • 4 x SS
  • 1 x RvS
  • Rupture
  • 4 x SS
  • if SnD <>
  • if SnD > 10 seconds 1 x RvS & rupture (if about to fall off) or Eviscerate

It is unclear yet whether or not Rupture will be in the combat rotation. There is no longer an option to boost rupture damage in the talent tree but there is one deep in the Mutilate tree which would suggest Muti rogues will see it once more while Combat rogues may drop it entirely.

However, either way it looks like blizzard have decided to break up a little of the SS spam for us combat rogues.