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Combat Rotation You Tube Video Help

Posted on 10 June, 2015

I’ve made a you tube video for all the combat rogues out there aimed at beginner rogues looking to nail the new Cataclysm rotation. The video details the basic combat rupture rotation and assumes you have already obtained the best talent build and glyphs for a combat rogue.

Please forgive my messy UI and my awful voice.  Also it’s really hard to do the rotation and record audio at the same time! If you watch the video in full you’ll notice I make a few mistakes in various places as my mind begins to wander…  Maybe I should have considered recording the audio afterwards instead, well live and learn.

Maybe I will try more videos like this to supplement the blog posts at PVE Rogues later on we will see how things go.

I hope someone finds this useful and as with all things practice is the key to success!



P.S I’m going to go die of embarrassment in a ditch somewhere now. *runs*