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Consumables in Cataclysm

Posted on 10 June, 2015

At Level 85 your raid consumables will change. This means not just the flask item itself will change to a new super flask but also there will be more than one way to obtain one just like we have seen with buff food in the past.

Our main flask at Level 85 is now [Flask of the Winds]. The name doesn’t sound too convincing as a rogue type flask but with a buff of 300 Agility it’s not something to be sniffed at. That will grant us a total of 600 Attack Power and 150 Critical Strike Rating. For those of you dealing with EP values that’s roughly 780 EP (Mutilate), 807 EP (Combat) or 1050 EP (Subtlety).

Alternatively you can also pick up a [Flask of Battle] which can be obtained by clicking on a [Cauldron of Battle]. The flask will take on the properties of the [Flask of the Winds] for rogues, hunters and feral druids alike so it will always be 300 Agility for us rogues. Other classes will experience different effects that are more relevant to their class.

The [Cauldron of Battle] can be laid down in a raid in the same way that a Fish Feast could be in Wrath of the Lich King. There is also an alternative [Big Cauldron of Battle] which has more uses.

Buff Food
Buff food works just as it did previously all in all. However, the new version of fish feasts called [Seafood Magnifique Feast] do not give you both spell power and attack power anymore. Instead you gain one useful stat relevant to your class (think like the Nobles Deck procs).  This buff food will give us rogues 90 Agility and 90 Stamina. For the personal version of this you will need to obtain [Skewered Eel]. Since Agility is a our super stat at this moment in time, pure Agility is an awesome place to start for buffs.

These foods provide 180 Attack Power and 45 Critical Strike Rating. That’s an EP value of  234 (Mutilate), 242.1 (Combat) or 315 (Subtlety).


The current best scroll for rogues is the [Scroll of Agility IX] which provides 100 Agility. However, scrolls will not stack with standard raid buffs.

This scroll will provide 200 Attack Power and 50 Critical Strike Rating. That’s an EP value of about 260 EP (Mutilate), 269 (Combat) or 350 EP (Subtlety).


The current best Potion to use in combat is the [Potion of the Tol’vir] which provides 1200 Agility for 25 seconds. It can only be used once during combat as a cool down on burn phases such as whenever your raid pops heroism/bloodlust/timewarp. As an extra trick, you can use the potion at the start of the boss encounter just before your tank pulls (i.e. before you enter combat) and if timed effectively this will give you the use of the potion at the start of the boss fight and also from one minute onwards when it has cooled down again during the encounter to squeeze out that little bit of extra DPS.

1200 Agility provides roughly 2400 attack power and 600 crit. That’s 3228 EP (Combat), 3120 EP (Mutilate) and 4200 EP (Subtlety).