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Get Heroic ready with Reputation Gear

Posted on 10 June, 2015


This list of heroic gear was first compiled by Rioriel, so make sure you drop by and give her/him a big thank you!

This list details first what reputation level you need to get the item with each faction, what the item is (linked), what secondary stats the item has and finally how much it costs to purchase in the case of Tol Barad. Some of these items have gem sockets in them, these have been displayed as R, Y or B next to the item.

In addition I have also added some extra information to the list that may be helpful when deciding what gear to obtain. Each item also has a notation of Combat, Mutilate or Subtlety next to it if it an item that is either unique prior to doing heroics (excluding quest rewards) or optimal when compared to similar reputation gear. Those without an annotation are not suitable or optimal for any of these builds but can still be used. The Unsolveable Riddle for example from Tol Barad, can be obtained prior to doing heroics but requires a lot of days worth of grinding dailies in order to obtain it and by this time you will undoubtedly be doing heroics which contain much better trinkets (yes it really is such a poor trinket) making this one pretty worthless.

Baradin’s Wardens (A) / Hellscream’s Reach (H), Tol Barad

REV: Dagger of Restless Nights (i346 1.8 Dagger, hit/crit), 85 marks Mutilate Subtlety
REV: Ravening Slicer (i346 2.6 Axe, hst/mas), 85 marks Combat
REV: Sky Piercer (i346 Crossbow, crit/mas), 85 marks
EXA: Unsolvable Riddle (i359 Trinket, mas/agi), 125 marks
(NB: Links to Alliance versions, Horde feature identical stats)

Earthen Ring, Vashj’ir

REV: Softwind Cape (i346 Cloak, hit/hst) Combat, Mutilate, Subtlety
EXA: Signet of the Elder Council (i359 Ring, hst/mas) Combat, Mutilate, Subtlety

Guardians of Hyjal, Mount Hyjal

HON: Sly Fox Jerkin (i333 Chest, crit/mas RB) Combat, Mutilate, Subtlety
REV: Acorn of the Daughter Tree (i346 Neck, hst/mas) Combat, Mutilate, Subtlety

Ramkahen, Uldum

REV: Quicksand Belt (i346 Belt, hit/crit) Combat, Mutilate, Subtlety
REV: Arcanum of the Ramkahen (Agility + Haste Head Enchant [BoA]*) Combat, Mutilate, Subtlety
* Arcanums are meant to be BoA but currently require revered rep to equip. Expect a hotfix/patch sometime soon™

Therazane, Deepholm

HON: Lesser Inscription of Shattered Crystal (Agility + Mastery Shoulder Enchant)
REV: Terrath’s Signet of Balance (i346 Ring, hit/mas) Combat, Mutilate, Subtlety
EXA: Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal (Agility + Mastery Shoulder Enchant)Combat, Mutilate, Subtlety

Wildhammer Clan (A) / Dragonmaw Clan (H), Twilight Highlands

HON: Swiftflight Leggings / Leggings of the Impenitent (i333 Legs, crit/hst RY) Combat, Mutilate, Subtlety
EXA: Stormbolt Gloves / Liar’s Handwraps (i359 Gloves, crit/hst Y) Combat, Mutilate, Subtlety

Completing your Gear Set

From this you will have the following gear set up:

Head: None
Neck: Acorn of the Daughter Tree
Shoulders: None
Chest: Sly Fox Jerkin
Back: Softwind Cape
Wrists: None
Waist: Quicksand Belt
Legs: Swiftflight Leggings / Leggings of the Impenitent
Feet: None
Ring1: Signet of the Elder Council
Ring2: Terrath’s Signet of Balance
Trinket1: (Unsolvable Riddle)
Trinket2: None
MH Weapon: Ravening Slicer Combat Dagger of Restless Nights Mutilate, Subtlety
OH Weapon: None
Ranged: (Sky Piercer)

As you can see, we still have 6 items to obtain to improve our gear set even including sub optimal items. You should have these naturally from questing or normal dungeons in order to obtain the required ilvl for heroics but if you are still struggling you can obtain the following gear from normal dungeons. Alternatives are included for dungeon quests in case you can’t obtain them for one reason or another, otherwise gear is ilvl 333 plus.

OH Weapon: Barim’s Main Gauche Lockmaw – Lost City of the Tol’Vir Normal (Combat, Mutilate, Subtlety)

Head: Helm of Secret Knowledge Grim Batol Normal Quest (quest giver found inside dungeon)
Alternative: Helm of Numberless Shadows (blue ilvl 316) High Priestess Azil – The Stonecore Normal

Shoulders: Clandestine Shoulders Lost City of Tol’Vir Quest (quest giver found inside dungeon)
Alternative: Caridean Epaulettes (blue ilvl 308), Commander Ulthok – Throne of the Tides Normal

Wrists:  Poison Fang Bracers Temple Guardian Anhuur – Halls of Origination Normal

Feet: Crafty’s Gaiters Siamat – Lost City of Tol’Vir Normal

Combat: Left Eye of Rajh Rajh – Halls of Origination Normal
Mutilate: Tia’s Grace Siamat – Lost City of Tol’Vir Normal
Subtlety: Tia’s Grace Siamat – Lost City of Tol’Vir Normal

Perfecting the Last Items

I would also recommend the following few items instead of the ones obtainable through Reputation Factions but these are optional:

Trinket1: Key to the Endless Chamber Corborus – The Stonecore Normal (for all builds).

Ranged: Slashing Thorns Ammunae – Halls of Origination Normal (for all builds).