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Level 85 Cataclysm Mutilate Talent Build

Posted on 10 June, 2015

The following information has now been confirmed as the top DPS build in Cataclysm for Mutilate rogues: Just like we mentioned in our Combat Talent Build, no one knows just yet what the top talent builds are going to be for Cataclysm but after some musing and a little short discussion on the PVE Rogue Forums we’ve decided to go for it and give you what’s thought to be a good estimate of the Level 85 top talent builds in Cataclysm.

Assassination Talent Build

Again as with Combat this build doesn’t change much from our Level 80 version. In this build we have 3 talent points that are flexible however it’s generally accepted that while 2/2 [Quickening]doesn’t directly affect DPS it does provide more damage up time for your rogue and allows you to use enchants that do not increase run speed giving you better stat bonuses instead.

Aside from that we have one talent point remaining without a home and this can be placed in [Blackjack], [Improved Expose Armor], [Deadened Nerves] or even [Deadly Brew]. Most of these talents are situational or alter our crowd control/damage reduction abilities in some fashion so they are entirely a personal choice which one of these you go for.

It’s worth noting that you may prefer to have the spare point in [Deadly Momentum] while you are leveling to 85 or farming heroics but it should not be considered in a level 85 raiding build really.

Looking at the combat tree we can see that the only talent points worth having that we don’t already have yet (such as Precision) are [Improved Slice and Dice], which isn’t very beneficial for a Mutilate rogue as our Envenoms should easily take care of our Slice and Dice buff and [Aggression] which increases our Backstab damage by up to 20%. So looking at the Subtlety Tree we can obtain [Opportunity] instead which gives us up to 30% increased damage not only to our Backstab ability but also to Mutilate and Garrote making it extremely desirable. This does mean however that need to place 2 talent points somewhere else to get to that talent so we have chosen 2/2 [Nightstalker] which should help damage indirectly by reducing downtime in stealth and improving the ability to stealth frequently (particularly useful in heroics).

For those who are wondering the Mutilate Glyphs we were using at Level 80 are still the best Glyphs for rogues at Level 85 as far as we know at the moment.