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Level 85 Cataclysm Subtlety Talent Build

Posted on 10 June, 2015

Once again, no one knows just yet what the top talent builds are going to be for Cataclysm but after some musing and a little short discussion on the PVE Rogue Forums we’ve decided to go for it and give you what’s thought to be a good estimate of the Level 85 top talent builds in Cataclysm.

This build forsakes the buff of SnD and Aggression in favour of the Assassination tree instead. Keeping 2/3 in Precision but sinking the rest of the talents in Assassination ensures no further points are wasted on non-DPS talents. This is the current recommended DPS build for Subtlety.
This build is probably going to be the one which suffers from the most debate and we’ve been thinking a lot about this build on our talent build forum discussion. It can sometimes be tricky to feel out which talents are going to be more powerful than others in practice but this is the build we are the most happy with for a level 85 Subtlety rogue in Cataclysm who has rotational issues as the main goal of this build is to promote a smoother SnD flow.

This build is also the only one that differs from it’s Level 80 counterpart. This is because we are removing 3/3 [Lethality] completely from the build in order to go further down the Combat Tree instead. If we leave these points in we can only get as far as [Improved Slice and Dice] before we get stuck so comparing Lethality to [Aggression] is basically what we are left with. This build is open to debate at the moment and not the current top DPS build.

The key to this build is obtaining 2/2 in [Improved Slice and Dice] as it can dramatically improve the flow of the complex Subtlety rotation and help avoid those nasty hiccups where something drops off in your rotation.

For those who are wondering the Subtlety Glyphs we were using at Level 80 are still the best Glyphs for rogues at Level 85 as far as we know at the moment.