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Level 85 Gems for a Rogue

Posted on 10 June, 2015

Level 85 rogue gems work in very much the same way as the Level 80 gems do. Our basic guidelines will be based on our Level 85 EP Values so far.

At the moment there are only two types of gems in Cataclysm available to all players, Green Quality (Common) and Blue Quality (Rare). Purple Quality gems (Epic) have not yet been added to the game however Jewelcrafters have Epic Equivalent soul bound gems they can use called Chimera’s Eye.

Chimera’s Eye gems can be obtained from completing the Jewelcrafting daily and exchanging the Token reward for a Chimera’s Eye. All blue gem patterns must also be obtained in this way. The Jewelcrafting daily can be obtained next to the JC Trainer in Stormwind or Orgrimmar at JC skill 475. If you are a Jewelcrafter it’s highly recommended you obtain the [Delicate Chimera’s Eye] pattern first as it will give you a powerful edge in heroics and raids. You can use up to a maximum of three Chimera’s Eye in your gear.

Blue Gems
Blue Quality gems are the current highest level of gems you can obtain excluding Jewelcrafter only gems. The blue gem patterns require JC tokens to be obtained so you may find it difficult at first to find a Jewelcrafter who does the gem cuts you need.

Gems For a Rogue
As a rogue you will need to assign the following blue quality gems to your gem sockets:

As you can see Mutilate rogues now no longer benefit as much from Haste and this has allowed Mastery to overtake Haste slightly. However, it’s important to remember that a balance of stats is needed so when choosing gear as a Mutilate rogue Mastery and Haste are always your best stats to go for after you are expertise and poison hit capped. Please note, the patch 4.0.6 combat EP value changes have not affected Combat rogue gemming.

Meta Gems
There is no longer only two new Cataclysm Meta gems to choose from for a rogue thanks to patch 4.0.6. The best meta gem for a rogue is the [Agile Shadowspirit Diamond] which requires only 3 red gem sockets to be active in order to activate. This includes purple gems and orange gems but even without these gems included getting this meta gem active will now be easy and beneficial for all rogues.

Meta Gem Requirements
In recent patches, the meta gem requirements changed to be “More blue then red gems” on many of our favourite meta gems. However, Blizzard blue posters announced that they realised this was a bad move and will be reverting these gems back to their usual gem requirements as soon as possible in a future patch. In Patch 4.0.6 they have done just that and as such the all new Meta gem for rogues is: [Agile Shadowspirit Diamond] without a question of a doubt it is an extremely powerful meta gem.

Old Trinket information for alternatives has now been removed from this post as it no longer applies.