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Max DPS Professions in 4.0.6

Posted on 10 June, 2015

Some of you may already be aware that my previous blog post on professions is in need of a serious update. It hasn’t been updated since November so it’s high time we had another look at professions for a rogue. This information is highly likely to be applicable for feral DPS druids as well who also value Agility as their prime stat.

One or two changes have occurred since then, the most significant of which is the changes to Engineering in which we saw a whole range of useful additions to make it much more worthwhile namely the [Synapse Springs] enchant which can be used in conjunction with other enchants. That means Engineering is now one of our new top three professions for a rogue to maximise your DPS.

Our current top DPS professions are:

  1. Jewelcrafting
  2. Leatherworking
  3. Engineering

Of these three Jewelcrafting is the number one DPS boosting profession at the moment with leatherworking and engineering tied in second place due to their extra utility i.e. repair bots in raids or epic gear etc.


This profession allows you to use 3 x [Delicate Chimera’s Eye] instead of [Delicate Inferno Ruby] which gives you an extra 81 Agility. This makes this profession superior to all other professions by 1 Agility. This is a small amount however, so your raiding guild will usually not be bothered if you choose one of the other professions instead and it won’t have a noticeable impact on your DPS.


Engineers have a variety of vanity enchants that can be used in conjunction with your standard enchants. It’s worth noting that unlike the Saronite Bombs in Wrath, the Cataclysm version High-Powered Bolt Gun is a DPS loss if used on single targets so it becomes more useful for dungeon runs and trash in general. The [Synapse Springs] provide a use of 480 Agility once every minute. This averages out to a bonus off 80 Agility overall.


Leatherworkers not only get super cheap leg enchants but they also get [Draconic Embossment – Agility] which is 80 Agility more than the next best enchant for bracers as well as being somewhat cheaper depending on your realm costs.


Blacksmithing is now also at the same level for DPS boosts by providing 2 extra sockets on your gear. These can be socketed with [Delicate Inferno Ruby] providing an extra 80 Agility for your rogue. The downside being of course that the rest of the profession is generally more helpful to plate wearers although you can make your own [Ebonsteel Belt Buckle].


Alchemists gain an improved effect of flasks increasing the standard [Flask of the Winds] by 80 Agility. They also get a 2 hour duration on flasks saving you money for raiding.


Enchanters get the option to enchant their rings with [Enchant Ring – Agility] which provides an additional 80 Agility. You also get the added bonus of being able to disenchant soulbound items, enchant your own gear and earn Maelstrom crystals more easily.


Scribes can gain [Swiftsteel Inscription] instead of the usual [Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal] from the Therazane faction. This provides 80 Agility more for your rogue as well as eliminates the need for reputation with the Therazane faction to Exalted.


Tailoring is the only major profession in cataclysm that does not provide a straight 80 Agility for your rogue. Tailors get [Swordguard Embroidery] which provides 1000 AP proc chance with a 26.3% uptime. This means it actually provides 263 AP (but it has been shown to actually be something like 201 AP) on average which can be roughly equated to 78.65 Agility. However, once again the difference is still minimal to the other professions so you won’t notice anything drastic with your DPS.

Gathering Professions

Gathering professions do not tend to give nay real DPS increases as they are designed to make life easier and help you to earn money and level up your main profession. Many rogues do not have a gathering profession in order to gain a higher DPS benefit from two major professions however this can be costly and is not necessary in most guilds. Of the three gathering professions Herbalism has the best DPS bonus with a 480 Haste use proc that should be used on every cooldown. Using a macro with your spell rotation will make this easier. Skinning also provides a DPS bonus of 80 crit rating but this is a very weak stat for rogues and pales in comparison to the haste from herbalism. Mining however provides no DPS boosts whatsoever as it gives you stamina which is at the moment quite worthless for tanks too.