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New Blog Author Invited

Posted on 10 June, 2015  in Blogging

Well the blog is getting quite big now =o Tonnes of people are asking questions and leaving comments and I take pride in being able to answer them all and talk with you guys on this stuff. However, I am also spending all morning on my blog now when I should be playing WoW! XD

So, I have added my partner Åura to the blog so he can help me with the load a little whenever he can. Don’t worry I have taught him well about the world of rogues. Please welcome him and treat him with as much respect as you muster for me (which is probably not much at all :P).

I’m still making the blog posts around this joint but you may see Åura answering questions sometimes in the comments. He is my own personal blue poster if you will, so please treat his comments as if they came from me.

You can normally find Åura posting on her own blog called Priestage which is a blog all about Priests with a focus on Shadow and Disc.

If you want to have a look at Åura’s blog you can visit Priestage here.