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Poll Results: What Cataclysm Content Have you Downed?

Posted on 10 June, 2015  in Blogging

A total of 405 people voted this month and it looks like we can see lots of different rogues at different levels in the game which is to be expected from our previous polls. If you voted to say you don’t raid or do BH only with your rogue please let us know why this is as I’m quite interested to hear the stories behind these rogues. I’m assuming many of these rogues are alts or PVPers but also many social players or rogues who simply don’t have the right time for a  raiding guild.

In addition to this I can see a fair amount of people have downed 13/13 heroic content which is pretty impressive to hear we have so many rogues visiting the blog at this standard of raiding. Naturally Firelands has now been launched so we are looking at a whole new set of raid bosses to vanquish and many guilds have already got their teeth into the vast majority of content. So following on from this, let us also know what your rogue is doing in Firelands right now with your guild and how you are finding the new raids so far.

Stay tuned because I will also be putting up a new poll very shortly.