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Reforge me a New One!

Posted on 10 June, 2015  in Blogging

The wonderful ability to reforge all your gear in game has now been implemented in patch 4.0.1 and while it may seem complicated at first it’s actually easy once you understand it. So here’s an ultimate guide to what reforging is, how to use it and what stats to reforge for rogues.

Reforge Vendors
You can reforge your gear at a reforge vendor. These are usually located standing next to an Enchanting Trainer and can also be found by talking to a city guard. The icon for reforging is a colourful sword with blue mist on the right hand side and pink mist on the left. It’s very hard to miss and changes your mouse over icon to this same icon when you hover over a reforge vendor.How to Reforge Gear

Once you have found a reforge vendor click him and a blank window will open up. Select an item of gear you wish to reforge and drag it into the empty square in the top left of the window. It will then list the stats currently on your gear on the left hand side column. Then all you need to do is select what stat you want to be removed from this list from the drop down menu above it (left hand side) and then select the stat you wish to change it into in the drop down menu on the right hand side. The right hand column will then display a new list showing how your gear will chnage if you complete this action.To seal the deal simply click the Reforge on the bottom right hand side. Reforging costs whatever your item is worth to a vendor. So if an item is worth 25 gold, it will cost you 25 gold each time you reforge that item. It costs nothing to revert the item back to it’s original stats which can be done by clicking the Restore button found on the left hand side of the Reforge button.

What Does Reforging do to Stats?

Reforging gear changes the stats of the gear slightly to something more desirable. However, there are limitations to doing so:

  1. Reforging a stat will only convert 40% of that stat to another stat of your choice.
  2. You can only reforge lesser stats such as: Hit, Expertise, Crit and Haste. You cannot reforge Agility.
  3. You can only add lesser stats from reforging too.
  4. Reforging will cost you every single time you do it the vendor cost of the item in question.
  5. You cannot reforge new stats onto gear that already exist on the item. For example, if you have 23 Haste and 23 Crit on your gear, you can reforge the Crit into Hit or Expertise but you cannot turn it into Haste.

What Can I Reforge?

You can reforge any item of armor you like. This includes Trinkets, Rings, Necklaces and even Weapons. Note: you *should* reforge all of these too!What to Reforge as a Rogue

As a rogue you main stats priority will be: Expertise > Hit > Haste. You will need to reforge every single item you are wearing to maximise your stats benefits. On every single item of gear you have the one stat you will be replacing is: Critical Strike Chance. Do not use any other stat. This is because Crit has such a low EP value every other stat is better than having Crit so this is the one we will be binning to improve our gear.Now before you go reforging hit and expertise left right and center first make sure you know you hit and expertise caps (also found in hit caps for a rogue).

Secondly examine your gear carefully. Remember you will not be able to reforge Crit into Haste on gear that already has Haste on it, so pick out these items first and change the Crit on them to expertise until capped and then hit until poison capped. If you still need hit or expertise, start working on the items with haste on them, changing Crit into hit etc (Warning: Do not ever reforge haste into something else! Haste is your ultimate lesser stat!).

After this the items you have left should all be items with Crit on them but no Haste. So to finish, reforge all your remaining items from Crit to Haste.

If you are poison hit capped but you still have gear remaining that has Crit and Haste but no Hit on it, you won’t be able to turn Crit into haste on these items. So instead reforge the Crit into Hit as it is still worth slightly more than Crit is even over the poison hit cap.


Gear Stats: Reforge Stat: Into this Stat

1) Crit & Hit: Crit : Haste (only if you have finished other gear types first and are poison hit capped)
2) Crit & Haste: Crit : Expertise until capped then Hit
3) Crit & Expertise: Crit : Hit

NEVER do the following:

  1. Reforge any other stat except Crit into something.
  2. Reforge anything into Mastery
  3. Reforge anything into Crit
  4. Reforge Hit and Expertise on gear where you can reforge Haste unless you are not capped.