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Reforging your Gear as a Rogue

Posted on 10 June, 2015

For more up to date information on what stats you should be reforging from and into, the following is an up to date guide on 4.0.6 reforging as a heroic dungeon rogue looking to get into raiding in Cataclysm. I have also separated this post into three separate sections for each build as reforging rules do vary slightly depending on your build.

General Rogues

First of all before you begin reforging you should check out what your expertise and hit rating is like. You need to make sure you are poison hit capped and expertise capped for raiding as a priority. As you first start out in heroics gearing up for raiding you can expect to not reach these caps right away, however this is where reforging our gear comes into play. So in all cases (with the only exception of expertise being debatable/undesireable for mutilate rogues) you should first make sure to reforge your gear for the expertise cap and then the poison hit cap.

Remember that for some reason your in game paper doll and armory stats do not show the hit bonus given to you by your Precision talents so make sure you deduct this from your target cap. Your racial traits for expertise bonuses are usually included in the paper doll.

Combat Rogues

Combat rogues have the lowest EP value for Crit after patch 4.0.6 so this makes crit a strong candidate to be reforged. It is also still acceptable to reforge white hit on your gear that does not have crit on it for you to reforge but do not reforge mastery any more. If you have not yet reached the expertise or spell hit cap you should first adjust your gear for more expertise or spell hit. If you have already reached these goals then you can reforge remaining items to Haste. If your item of gear already has haste on it (and you are above the caps), you can reforge crit or white hit to mastery. You can if you wish, reforge crit into white hit but since your crit will be very low at the moment while you gear up again it may be better to allow your crit to stack up a little bit.


  1. Reforge Crit to Expertise to the cap then reforge crit to spell hit until the poison cap.
  2. If still under the cap, reforge white hit on remaining gear to expertise or mastery to spell hit to the cap as needed.
  3. If Expertise and Spell Hit Cap has been reached, reforge remaining gear white hit or crit (crit preferred) to Haste.
  4. If remaining gear cannot be reforged to expertise or hit when under the cap or haste when over the cap then reforge to mastery, else do not reforge it.

Gear Tips:
Gear with Crit and hit secondary stats when you are over the poison hit cap only are likely to be your worst gear upgrades. This becomes Crit and Mastery when under the poison hit cap.

Your best gear upgrades will be gear with at least one secondary stat being haste. Haste and Mastery is a generally good upgrade if you remain expertise capped. Haste and Hit is your best upgrade if under the poison hit cap.

Assassination Rogues

Mutilate rogues have the lowest EP value for white hit and then crit. Therefore when you have reached your goal of the poison hit cap, any extra hit you obtain can be reforged into Mastery (your strongest secondary stat). However, you may wish to instead remove some of your reforging to hit first as you gain more hit beyond the poison cap instead. While aiming for the poison cap, reforge your crit into hit. It is debatable whether or not Mutilate rogues should bother to reforge for the expertise cap. It is still a DPS increase to have expertise but it’s not worth reforging to it. However, it will help you significantly if you are having trouble keeping your rotation going smoothly due to abilities not hitting their target.


  1. Reforge Crit into Spell Hit until the poison hit cap. Do not go over too much if you can help it.
  2. Then reforge crit or white hit (hit over the poison cap) to expertise until the expertise cap (Optional, not ideal).
  3. If capped, reforge crit or white hit (preferred) into Mastery.
  4. If capped and gear has mastery on it already reforge crit or white hit into Haste instead.
  5. If capped and remaining gear has both mastery and haste on it then do not reforge it.

Gear Tips:
Your worst gear upgrade is likely to be something that has both crit and hit on it when you are poison capped.

Your best gear upgrade generally is something that has both mastery and haste on it so long as you remain poison hit capped.

Subtlety Rogues

The worst secondary stat for Subtlety rogues is Mastery followed by white hit. Therefore when over the poison hit cap, you should reforge hit into Haste (your strongest secondary stat). When under the poison hit cap you should reforge Mastery into spell hit until the cap. You should also reforge mastery into expertise until the cap if poison capped. I an item of gear already has haste on it you can reforge the mastery to crit if poison hit capped and expertise capped.


  1. Reforge Mastery to Hit until the poison hit cap.
  2. Then reforge Mastery to Expertise until the expertise cap.
  3. If over the poison cap and there is no mastery on the gear you can reforge the hit instead.
  4. If you are both expertise and poison hit capped then reforge Mastery (preferred) or white hit into Haste.
  5. If the gear has Haste on it already reforge Mastery or white hit to Crit.
  6. If you are poison and expertise capped and the gear has both haste and crit on it, do not reforge it.

Gear Tips:

Your worst gear upgrade will be something with Mastery and hit on it if you are over the poison hit cap or not.

Your best gear upgrade would be something that has both Haste and Crit on it if you remain expertise capped (poison hit cap not so much but advised to make sure you keep it anyway).