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Rogue Gear in Ruby Sanctum

Posted on 10 June, 2015  in Blogging

The new patch 3.3.5 is now out and we are all sat patiently at the edge of our seats right now awaiting the realms to finally come back online. While we wait, lets take a look at some of the tasty new rogue gear we can find in this new filler raid as it both prepares and satiates our appetite for Cataclysm.The full drop list from the boss Halion can be found here: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=39863#dropsRogue Drops to Watch out For:

10 man Normal (ilevel 258)

[Baltharus’ Gift]
(Neck Slot) – Watch out if your expertise is getting a bit high, a lot of items have expertise on them on higher level gear, this may in fact not be the best item for you if you are already over loaded with expertise.

[Gloaming Sark] (Chest Slot) – Okay I have no idea what a Sark is but hey, this seems to do the trick! Again has plenty of expertise on it so keep an eye on that.

25 man Normal (ilevel 271)

[Sharpened Twilight Scale] (Trinket) – An odd type of Arp Trinket this has a base arp value attached to it with a standard AP proc. Could be very beneficial for combat rogues who also have an arp trinket with a large arp proc, to hand but Mutilate rogues will not be impressed with this trinket at all.

[Signet of Twilight] (Ring) – A fairly decent ring with suitable stats for both combat and mutilate rogues.

[Umbrage Armbands]
(Wrist Slot) – Another decent pair of bracers if you are looking to upgrade with basic stats that are very mutilate friendly and quite decent for non arp combat rogues to boot.

Heroic loot seems to be just upgrades of the same gear in Halion so obviously if you can get yourself into heroics quickly for this raid you are going to see much better upgrades for your gear. While 10 man normal loot starts off pretty low the raid does end up with ilevel 284 loot from 25 man heroic which means you could find one or two items beyond your best ICC gear if you get that far with Halion.

Happy Raiding :)