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Rogue Reputations in Cataclysm

Posted on 10 June, 2015

Just like in Wrath of the Lich King we need to grind reputation with two main Cataclysm factions in order to obtain a PVE raiding Shoulder and Head enchant. You can check out the zone leveling range changes on the wow head The Shattering page.

The shoulder enchants are available from the faction [Therazane] which can be found in [Deepholm]. This faction provides all classes with a shoulder enchant specific to their role. For rogues our shoulder enchant is the [Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal].

Players start at Hated with this faction and once the initial quest lines are completed in Deepholm they should be at Honored. After this players can perform daily quests with this faction to earn their way to Exalted in order to be able to buy the best shoulder enchant. Therazane quests have a level requirement of 81 so make sure while leveling up your rogue you start on these quests as soon as possible and then complete the dailies every day while leveling up. There are a large number of daily quests you can complete as well as one Dungeon quest for [The Stonecore].

The Rogue head enchant is the [Arcanum of Ramkahen] which is available from the Ramkahen faction located in [Uldum]. This faction is the Cataclysm equivolent to the Wrath faction known as the Knight of the Ebon Blade. Just like in Wrath of the Lich King, you only need to become Revered with Ramkahen in order to buy the head enchant from them.

There are two main ways to gain reputation with the Ramkahen faction. Firstly you can complete quests in Uldum which is strongly recommended as you level up to Level 85. These quests start at level 83 so should be completed after leveling up in Deepholm for Therazane. The quests include 3 quests for The [Lost City of Tol’Vir] 84-85 dungeon and 3 quests for [The Vortex Pinnacle]82-84 dungeon.

Secondly you can obtain a tabard from the Ramkahen quartermaster once you have reached Friendly status with them. The [Tabard of Ramkahen] allows the player to gather reputation with the faction Ramkahen when ever they wear it in a level 85 dungeon. These dungeons are: [Grim Batol], [Halls of Origination] and [Lost City of Tol’Vir].

Once you reach level 85 you will be able to complete all level 80 to 85 dungeons on heroic mode and these will then be classed as level 85 dungeons in which you can gather reputation. Once you have your two main rogue factions you can start farming other factions by simply completing a few quests to friendly and then picking up the faction tabard.