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Subtlety Glyphs

Posted on 10 June, 2015

Glyphs for Subtlety rogues are up in the air at the moment as are most things about rogues. However there are a few certainties and general guidelines you can follow in the meantime.


Prime Glyphs
[Glyph of Backstab]A Must Have
[Glyph of Slice and Dice] – Good for helping keep the rotation up.
[Glyph of Hemorrhage] – Remember Hemo is worthless without this glyph.

Other options include [Glyph of Rupture], but considering our Evscerates refresh Rupture there shouldn’t be any real benefit to using this glyph at all unless you are having rotation problems. Also [Glyph of Shadowdance] which is considered more useful as a PVP glyph so isn’t recommended.

Major Glyphs
[Glyph of Sprint] – Improves damage up time.

Other glyph options for Major glyphs are very tricky to figure out. You should make sure you have a good strong collection in your glyph book so you can switch these out as the situation demands. [Glyph of Premeditation] is likely to be a reasonable choice in general for tricky fight situations along with [Glyph of Ambush] to help you more easily use your rotation with moving targets.

Minor Glyphs
[Glyph of Poisons] – Generally useful and situational dependant for most raids. LK in ICC is a good example this would be useful (changing poison on thrown to crippling). Use in conjunction with the Major Glyph [Glyph of Crippling Poison] for this tactic.

[Glyph of Safe Fall] – Reduces fall damage in certain raid situations (e.g. EoE Malygos Vortex ability).

Many of these glyphs are situational dependant and there are a wide selection of many more glyphs that reduce damage in various ways to choose from too. Thanks to the new glyph system though you only need to buy each different glyph once and you can then swap them to your liking on a per raid encounter basis. Remember though that the only glyphs that should be set in stone are the Prime Glyphs so avoid switching them out.