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What Content Have you Downed?

Posted on 10 June, 2015  in Blogging

The results for last months poll are now in and they are as follows:

Malygos: 200 votes (84%)
Sartharion: 205 (86%)
Kel’Thuzad: 204 (86%)
Yogg Saron: 121 (51%)
Algalon: 83 (35%)
Anub’Arak: 206 (87%)
Lich King: 131 (55%)
Halion: 122 (51%)

We had a whopping 236 votes this month so keep voting guys! Looks like many of our readers have experienced the bulk of Wrath content with roughly half of these getting the more difficult bosses down such as Algalon and Halion. Unfortunately for many of us it’s proving quite difficult to get runs together for older content so make sure you bribe some guildies into doing some fun runs on your days off. Nothing quite beats getting some basic achievements down and getting that older content sorted.

Good luck to anyone still stuck on Lich king and Halion which appears to be about 50% of you guys out there. With a little dedication and perseverance you’ll get there in the end (and a little help from the 30% buff of course).