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What’s Important in a Combat Weapon?

Posted on 10 June, 2015  in Blogging

Sometimes it can be very difficult to get the right weapons for your rogue and this makes choosing the right weapon for you very difficult when faced with an unclear choice. There are many things you should consider when looking at weapons for your rogue so that you can ensure that the next weapon you use is in fact an upgrade for you.

Surrounded by Daggers
Combat rogues in raid environments no longer use daggers or fist weapons. In fact Combat rogues utilise only axes and swords to make use of their [Hack and Slash]talent. However, it’s not a perfect world out there and you could be waiting for a very long time before you get a fast off hand weapon to use in your offhand.Ideally before you start raiding you will want to use the following weapons as a combat rogue:

[Liar’s Tongue] – OH (Obtained from HoR Heroic)
[Nighttime] – MH (Obtained from FoS Heroic)

These are the best weapons you can obtain for a combat rogue prior to raiding and can be obtained from the Frozen Halls instances. However, if you are like me and you just never see the
[Liar’s Tongue] drop at all you may be in a bit of a bind as to what to use for your off hand weapon. It is in these cases you may wish to consider a dagger while you wait for your perfect sword weapon to drop as there are many BoP and BoE Daggers that drop in the frozen hall instances that you could use while you wait for the Lair’s Tongue weapon for example: [Blood Weeper].

So What Makes a Weapon an Upgrade?

Unfortunately, because combat rogues don’t use daggers we can’t check them out on the spreadsheets to find out if they help us out or not. So we need to do some thinking of our own…

  • Stats
  • Gem Sockets
  • Speed
  • Base DPS
  • Weapon Type

First of all before you do anything else, take a look at the stats of the weapon. Do you gain stats that you need such as Agility/Attack power or Crit/Haste? If you gain from the stats overall you should continue to consider this weapon as an upgrade, if you do not gain on stats the liklihood is that this weapon isn’t going to be that much better for you.

Secondly, if your weapon has a gem socket in it you must remember that this counts as extra stats on your weapon. If the weapon has lower stats than your current one but has a gem socket in it make sure you calculate whether or not the weapon could have better stats with the gems of your choice in it.

Off-Hand weapons for a combat rogue are usually fast, and the pretty much the faster they are the more likely they are to be an upgrade. If the weapon is fast you know straight away it is designed to be an off hand weapon for you. If the weapon is slow you may need to check out it’s base DPS before you continue.

The Base DPS of your weapon is highly important. If the base DPS value of your weapon is higher than the base DPS value of the weapon you are considering as an upgrade then stick to your current weapon. There is simply no way any weapon with a lower DPS value can out perform one with a high DPS value in general.

Finally we look at weapon type. If the weapon is a sword or axe and fulfills one or more of the criteria above the chances are it is an upgrade for you. If the weapon is not a sword or an axe you will need to ensure it fulfills at least two of the above criteria i.e. it has a higher DPS value and provides extra stats.

Test them Out for Yourself
Without the aid of the spreadsheets to help us there is only one clear way of finding out if the weapon is an upgrade for you. If you are unsure but the weapon has more DPS value than your current one, take it to the training dummy and test it out for yourself compared to your old weapon. This should give you a clear indication of whether or not the fact that the weapon does not take advantage of Hack and Slash outweighs it’s performance in general.

Always Keep Looking for your Perfect Weapon
Keep farming Halls of Reflection in heroic mode for that elusive Lair’s Tongue off hand weapon. When you start raiding you should also start trying to get your hands on other off hand weapons such as the [Bone Warden’s Splitter] from 10 man Marrowgar. Once you have managed to obtain an ICC level sword or axe there is no longer any excuse to roll on non-combat weapons. Do not piss off your Mutilate rogues or feral druids! Of course you can always roll for a dagger for your off-spec choice but once you have obtained a raid worthy sword or axe you should never need to roll on a dagger for your main spec.