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Work to Do on PVE Rogues

Posted on 10 June, 2015  in Blogging

There are a variety of things I need help with doing on the PVE Rogues website. Some of these jobs are quite interesting and will grant you plenty of kudos so make sure you check them out.

In an effort to revitalise PVE Rogues which has waned considerably since I moved home and got a new job, I am trying to get all these lose ends sorted. As time goes on and new jobs arise they will be added to the above forum post. I will also be doubling my efforts to post on a DAILY basis again from now on!

Current Jobs Available are:

  • Rogue EP Stats Add On

  • CSC3 for WordPress

  • Feral Cat Druid Blog Posts

My previous addon/website programmer is too busy right now to complete these jobs for me so since they have been in Limbo for a while it’s time to get them sorted. I need one or two people in particular to help me create a custom rogue add on and the CSC3 for wordpress as I simply don’t have the programming knowledge to get these jobs finished! So if you know wordpress well or LUA programming give me a shout.